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Image link to download Tooie Kangaroo Model

Click on image for download.

The model have NSFW parts. You are warned. This model was made in Blender 2.49, then you can imagine so much years has been passed… This roo got my attention by her strong personality, curiosity and absolutely crazy behavior, specially if you push her nerves. She lives everyday only living the moment. She have a good friend, Koie, who is a bit more relaxed and both do the perfect pair for get into problems.

Esential read links:
Homepage of Tooie and Koie, and another friends,and my favorite, the adventure series!
Page for art of Tooie and Koie, and another friends

I updated her rig a lot of time ago to Rigify ( I think it’s one of the basic old ones ). She comes with some shapekeys too, and the textures are VertexColors. If this roo gets the enough love and I got some positive comments I could try to update her to a more recent version of Rigify and driver those shapekeys for give her more posibilities.

I’m releasing the model because I really want see someting new about her but I don’t have the time for do it. Please use her and tell us about ! For Tooie owner use the links over and to me for make me happy :D .