Hi, my name is Lust3D and you are welcome to my place ! Feel free to stay, there is no cookies, tracking, only ssl for your privacy! Even Javascript is optional.

Like internet it's being a crap with the adult censorship I opened my own place. And yes, I love the classic web !

I'm specialiced in fantasy interspecies sex and Yiff prerendered in 3D. I warn you, this place is +18 restricted for minors !!
I consider 3D like a hobby, my job isn't about 3D in any way, and my objectives are not make a living from this. I have programming practice, enough for make games, but I found hard make long works in my spare time. You can take a look what I have to offer in Gallery.

Have fun and thanks for coming !

Last updated: 2021-04-11 14:34:11 +0200