** Why a .com ? There is already a lot of galleries !

Not every gallery is free to post certain content (adult without restrictions). But actually my favorite are Newgrounds.com and Furaffinity.net . My intention with the .com was to give an easy name for people found me and be more platform agnostic: For example, Tumblr blocks adults content suddenly, people continue findind me in the domain Lust3D.com.

Do you plan release some 3D model ?

For the moment all models are for private use only. Release of a model gives a lot of work, requires a lot of care.

Everything is made by you ?

Except some boring background objects, yes. The music is free of royalties.


This web features:

  • Absolutely no cookies ( and no tracking inside page ) , for that there is no share buttons neither.
  • No ads. This page not generate benefits for me, except a lot of creative escape !
  • SSL for your privacy.
  • No malware or popups.
  • No comment dialogs. Like I said, no cookies and fast loads !

What you aim ?

I’m inspired by masterpieces classics like “The Little Panda Fighter” , “Ratatoing” and another wonderful pieces of art ! internet quiere censurar sexo y mete en el mismo saco la industria del sexo donde actualmente el mainstream intenta atraer el forzar y maltratar a las mujeres y hay poca originalidad y el artistico, donde intenta reflejar fantasias o historias sin hacer daño fisico o social a nadie. Pasarelas como paypal,visa y demas hacen lo mismo, impidiendo poder recibir ningun dinero si intentas dedicarte a una forma u otra, aunque paypal apoye patreon por algun motivo desconocido.

 What NOT to expect here?

** Child or minors on any sexual or suggestive/nude way ** Every creature exposed here is on full sexual/mental/legal age . I only work with representations of full mature adult bodies ! ** Bestiality/Zoophilia :** Every fantasy creature represented here have their mind working like a human, and they represent humanity, even if appearance not suit the case. Animals in real world work like machines, like a switch they can’t control, and they can’t say NO. Any use of this advantage is an abuse, and from here, I’m totally against it. You can consider the characters like a “masquerade” from the real world. ** Scat, diapers ** Nope. ** Rape ** Only consent sex, thanks you.

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