Do you plan release some 3D model ?

For the moment all models are for private use only. Release of a model requires a lot of work, and care.

Everything is made by you ?

Except some boring background objects, yes. The music is free of royalties. The pixel art in games is from Pixel Fetish.

What NOT to expect here?

Child/minors, on any sexual or suggestive/nude way Every creature exposed here is on full sexual/mental/legal age . I only work with representations of full mature adult bodies ! Bestiality/Zoophilia: Every fantasy creature represented here have their mind working like a human, and they represent humanity, even if appearance not suit the case. Animals in real world work like machines, like a switch they can’t control, and they can’t say NO. Any use of this advantage is an abuse, and from here, I’m totally against it. You can consider the characters like a “masquerade” from the real world. Scat, diapers Nope. Rape Only consent sex, thanks you.