Do you plan release some 3D model ?

For the moment all models are for personal and private use only.

Everything is made by you ?

Except some boring background objects, yes. The music is free of royalties.


This web features:

  • Absolutely no cookies ( and no tracking inside page ) , for that there is no share buttons neither.
  • No ads. This page not generate benefits for me, except a lot of creative escape !
  • SSL for your privacy!
  • No malware or popups.
  • No comment dialogs. Like I said, no cookies and fast loads !

What you aim ?

I’m inspired by masterpieces classics like “The Little Panda Fighter” , “Ratatoing” and another wonderful pieces of art !

 What NOT to expect here?

Child or “cubs” on any sexual or suggestive/nude way : Any creature exposed here is on full sexual/mental/legal age . Only mature and adults ! – Bestiality/Zoophilia : Every fantasy creature represented here have their mind working like another human, and they represent humanity, even if appearance not suit the case. Animals in real world work like machines, like a switch they can’t control, and they can’t say NO. Any use of this advantage is an abuse, and from here, I’m totally against it.